Gatekeepers can hinder your bottom line

If you own a business, you probably have a gatekeeper. The stalwart bulldog who keeps those evil sales folks away. Granted, not all sales calls are going to net more business for you, but is your gatekeeper qualified to make that call? Is your gatekeeper keeping you protected from all sellers and inadvertently keeping you from hearing about great opportunities?

In sales, the best clients get the best opportunities. I would like to tell you otherwise but the fact is, that in client management, the fertile soil gets the fertilizer. If your gatekeeper is keeping you from building a relationship with a seller, you might not be helping your business as much as you think. If sellers can’t get to you, you will miss great opportunities.

Acknowledging that your day gets chewed up with operations, try taking a couple of hours a week to take calls from sellers. Give them 15 minutes to do their thing. A professional will use that time to get to know you. Use the opportunity to build a relationship with a seller who can become a resource. Your sellers know people. They network all day with folks who can help your business. Relational selling is about people helping people. A professional seller really wants to help you.

Re-task your gatekeeper. Let him/her schedule sellers within a fixed time frame and take a breather from your work day to listen to the ideas that these folks have. Professional sellers are tuned into the business community. They understand trends and will have topical information that can be useful to you.

Professional sellers have ideas. Ideas come from conversations. Good conversations lead to good relationships. Good relationships with sellers mean that you hear about great opportunities before your competition.

A professional seller will meet you on your schedule. If you decide that you want to meet sellers from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, serious sellers will be there and bring the coffee! Why not try it? You might be surprised at the positive results.


Connie Hanner is a professional seller and proud of it. Visit her leadership website:

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