365 Days of Leadership: Moth-er Day

Saturday March 14th is Moth Day. What can we learn about leadership from the moth? The moth can be used as a metaphor to describe those who are not mainstream (which is about 97% of us). The moth represents the overlooked sister. The moth is the geek in spectacles. The moth is the last to get picked for sports or the prom. The moth is sometimes outshined by the butterfly.

The butterfly seems to get all the recognition. It is the creature of dew-drenched mornings and all that is colorful and bright. We see the moth as a blight, a chewer of wool and a pest to the agricultural industry. Because the moth does not shine brightly, it is regarded as less worthy.

However, the silk worm is a moth caterpillar. It is the humble moth caterpillar which spins the thread of the gods into a billion dollar business for the textile industry. It is the humble moth which takes center stage in the book, The Silence of the Lambs, exemplifying the metamorphosis which occurs when the caterpillar sleeps and awakens as a graceful adult.

When we lead, we lead many different types of people. Sometimes leaders are drawn to the actions of those who shine brightly and seem to ignore those who do not. All team members are credible and valid. Acknowledge the value of all beings, not simply those who shine the brightest. Evaluate your team and determine how to motivate each member equally. Ensure that you are leading equitably and with a sense of welcoming to all persons on your team. Embrace and welcome that which makes each of us unique as we transform from what we are, into what we can be.



Connie Hanner is a sales professional who speaks about leadership from a practical viewpoint. Visit her leadership mentoring website at http://www.conniehanner.com


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