365 Days of Leadership: World Health Day

April 7th is World Health Day. Today we celebrate the founding of the World Health Organization. The purpose of the organization is to research and monitor pathogens or environments which put populations at risk for disease or death. As an agency of the United Nations, the World Health Organization is responsible for the public health of the world at large.

Leadership also involved managing on a global level. Whether a leader’s world terminates at the boundaries of their shop or factory, or their boundaries are endless, all leaders must learn to monitor and research that which puts their employees, the company and the consumers at risk. Responsible leaders follow the basic premises of normative ethics, just because one CAN do something, doesn’t give them license to do it. This is the primary difference between ethical thinking and basing decision purely on logic.

Making choices that honor the human condition first is, in my humble opinion, the mark of a true leader. You can always make more money, in the end, people matter most.



Connie Hanner is a PhD student in non-profit organizational leadership and a veteran of both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Visit her leadership website at http://www.conniehanner.com. Find her on Face Book, Linked In and follow her on Twitter.

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