365 Days of Leadership: Honesty Day

April 30th is Honesty Day. I really struggled with this topic, not because of the topic, but how to write about it without being hypocritical. I would be surprised to find any place of employment where one could be completely honest. Quite frankly, as Jack Nicholson put it, “You can’t handle the truth!” (A Few Good Men, 1992).

Honestly is a funny and fickle trait. We want everyone to be honest with us, and in fact are very angry when they are not, but how honest are we with others? Sometimes, honesty can cause hurt feelings. Do the feelings need hurting? Sometimes the honesty gets someone in trouble. Did they need to be in trouble?

Honesty requires one to look at a situation and then search their heart for the answer. Unless the motivation is simply to be mean or hateful, honesty is still the best policy. There are two things in life I know for certain, when you have the ability to do so, honesty and following the rules will never get you into trouble.



Connie Hanner is a PhD student in non-profit organizational leadership and a veteran of both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Visit her website at http://www.conniehanner.com. Find her on Face Book, Linked In and follow her on Twitter.

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