A title does not automatically make you a leader

What makes a leader? You make decisions that impact the lives of your family, your employees and your community every day. Whether you own a business or are an employee, it is important to remember that leadership doesn’t always comes with a formal title; sometimes you simply lead from where you stand. A leader isn’t measured by how much they make or how many people they manage, a leader is defined by the impact they have on those closest to them. Look at the people around you who depend on you for guidance. Who do you look to for leadership and guidance? As a business owner or employee, you help make a community strong. Take ownership of that responsibility and recognize the value of your leadership presence every day. Being a great leader means making the most of the leadership equation both as a giver and a receiver.


Connie Hanner

365 Days of Leadership: Earmuff Day

March 13, 2015 is Earmuff Day. Earmuffs are wonderful things. They protect our ears from the cold, they also protect our ears from loud noises. They protect us from negative influence. Conversely the earmuff cousin, headphones, amplify a message. We can control the volume of content through headphones. We can use headphones as an individual and as part of a network.

Earmuffs and headphones can be used metaphorically to describe how we permit a message to motivate us. We consciously put on earmuffs or headphones to filter the content we obtain from our environment. Earmuffs protect us from the noise of our life, filtering out the negativity and allowing the messages to come through which help leaders motivate their teams. Headphones amplify positive messages. They allow leaders to shape content by connecting group members to a central message.

As you go about your day, think about what you are letting into your environment. What are you filtering out, what are you amplifying? Listen to your life and decide if the messages you are filtering and amplifying are moving you in the right direction. A leader chooses the message and amplifies it to her/his team. This can be a great team building exercise. Ask your team what they want to hear and what they want amplified.



365 Days of Leadership is a series from Connie Hanner, professional seller and leadership mentor. Visit her leadership mentor website at http://www.conniehanner.com.

Authenticity: Walking the talk

Authentic leaders think about others. Authenticity involves “walking your talk”. One doesn’t learn to be authentic, one either is or isn’t authentic. When motivation is positive and action is selfless, authenticity prevails.

Authentic leaders change the world one person at a time. They begin with themselves and let their humility and other focused perspective benefit the greater good. Let your authenticity shine, the world will thank you.